Bred on site, our cute bunnies make the perfect companion

Tidmarsh Pets - Rabbits

Tidmarsh Pets have been breeding a variety of rabbits and guinea pigs since 1989, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers.

Here are some of our recent departures...



Bob & Dylan

Why Use Us?

Our experience and on-site breeding means we can offer the best healthy, strong rabbits with good conformation, colouring and no known genetic defects or hereditary health conditions.

Cages & Supplies

We can supply all the extra's required to give your new rabbit the perfect home. Please talk to us about their requirements including bedding, diets, runs, handling and much more.

Hutches & Cages

Getting the right hutch is key for the comfort of your new pet. We'll advise the best options available.
- single level rabbit hutch
- 2 story rabbit hutch
- Rabbit runs

Rabbit food

Something to eat please! Keeping your rabbit healthy ensures your pet will have the very best life.
- fresh hay and grass
- fresh vegetables & greens
- high fibre pellets

Rabbit bedding

Bedding is vitally important as it keeps them warm, comfortable and ensures no stress.
- small & large straw packs
- small & large hay packs
- woodshavings

How it Works

Drop us a call or email and we'll arrange your appointment date and time.
Come and see us at Wilco Farm.
It usually takes about 45 mins to discuss your requirements, during which time we'll offer tips and advice about keeping your new family member healthy.
We'll arrange a time that suits you to come back and collect your rabbit or guinea pig.

We'll ready any extra items you have ordered along with ownership documents.
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