Going Away?

Your pets will have a wail of a time at Wilco Farm!

Pet Boarding @ Wilco Farm

Tidmarsh pets are committed to giving you peace of mind, alongside ensuring the animals welfare when you go away on holiday. We accept rabbits and guinea pigs and they will live the life of riley for the entire duration. Check out the details below.

The Animal Ritz!

2 hearty meals a day - fresh veg and dry food

Spacious, secure and luxury hutches

Fuss, care and attention

A huge 30m sq run to roam free

A quiet farm setting in the country

7 days boarding available


Please note that all RABBITS boarded with us need to have been vaccinated against the new killer virus VHD2 (also known as RVHD2).  The vaccine for this is called FILIVAC and costs around £35.  This is in addition to the combined NOBIVAC vaccination which protects against the original virus strain VHD1 and Myxomatosis.  If both are due at the same time they should be given at least 14 days apart.  Both are annual vaccinations.  

If either vaccination is due before your pet's stay with us, please allow at least 8 days between the date of vaccination and the beginning of your rabbit's holiday to allow immunity to build up and recovery from any side effects.  Vaccination applies to rabbits only, guinea pigs do not need to be vaccinated.

How it Works

Drop us a call or email and we'll arrange your appointment date and time.
Come and see us at Wilco Farm.
It usually takes about 45 mins to discuss your requirements, during which time we'll offer tips and advice about keeping your new family member healthy.
We'll arrange a time that suits you to come back and collect your rabbit or guinea pig.

We'll ready any extra items you have ordered along with ownership documents.
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